Welcome to CNMCyber

Welcome to CNMCyber

Your Launchpad to Career Success!

About CNMCyber

Whether you're just exploring, starting out, seeking to enhance your credentials, or ready to mentor others, our career network ecosystem provides a supportive environment to help you grow, learn, and thrive in your professional journey.

At CNMCyber.com, you can join practice communities that align with your professional interests. If you are undecided, our pre-entry-level jobs are specially designed to help you discover your vocation. For answers to your questions without registration, visit kenyax.com/careers or youtube.com/@ainurtz.

Who We Are

This program is brought to you by a group of dedicated volunteers who have come together to form CNMCyber. Our focus is on artificial intelligence, job-like practice, and getting you ready for your dream career. We're based in Virginia, and our goal is to inspire and empower the next generation of tech leaders — that means you!

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Complete the task posted on the Tasks button found in this Space to finish the first stage of your journey

Once done, you'll be all set to move on to your first role as a Product Analyst for KenyaX!