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A work product (or, simply, product) is a result of any process that has been initiated, designed, and/or performed by one or more human beings. Intermediate products are those that one department produces for another department of the same legal entity.



According to the BABOK Guide (3rd edition),

Product (business analysis). A solution or component of a solution that is the result of an initiative.
Work product (business analysis). A document or collection of notes or diagrams used by the business analyst during the requirements development process.

According to Juran's Quality Handbook by Defeo (7th edition),

Product. Result of a process.

Product vs work product

Literally, product is anything that is produced. This term, product, has a wide range of applications:

Service-making product

In service management, a product is a configuration of resources, created by the organization, that will be potentially valuable for their customers. Products are typically complex and not fully visible to the consumer. The portion of a product that the consumer actually sees does not always represent all of the components that comprise the product and support its delivery. Service providers define which product components their service consumers see, and tailor them to suit their target consumer groups.


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