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Delivery design

Every Session consists of concept and experiment parts.


All of the concepts related to any Session are published, video lectures are pre-recorded and expected to be reviewed prior to practical activities called experiments.


Practical activities are related to the concept; all of those activities utilize CNM Wiki.


This very section shall discuss basic Requirements, epics and user stories from basic to successor versions of CNM Cyber Placement.

  • The Placement outline should cover all aspects of and all the topics that are identified on the WorldOpp fellow job description (hereinafter, the job description).
  • Simple wiki lessons on the top (of the outline) , so we can start giving the fellow candidates some work as soon as possible.
  • An introductory video of Placement in the start.
  • Concentrate on something minimal that would allow the fellow candidates start working.
  • Our fellow candidates should be able to create (a) test reports, (b) wiki learning content, (c) wiki epics, and (d) user stories in order to start working
  • Paid wiki assignments will be given to the candidates as soon as they know the job description + basic wiki editing.
  • Eventually, following outline is envisioned:
  1. Job description -- every detail. If this detail is not needed in the Placement, it should be excluded from the job description.
  2. Knowledge management.
  3. Event management
  4. Specialty hands-on courses related to various services such as CNM Cert et cetera.
  • Wiki editing lessons, will have image illustrations as well for better understanding.
  • Practical assignments should follow the lessons.
  • In the course content, general description of the position -- accessibility requirements, desired skills, educational credentials, required abilities (especially asking immediately when anything is not clear), apprentice payments, future employment details, etc shall also be addressed for aspiring candidates as they should be well aware of the work environment and considerations. Also, they should ask questions when anything is not clear. Also, working on understanding the tasks is another important skill for candidates.
  • In the course outline, what candidates are expected to report will be emphasized, at the very beginning, and candidates will be granted as much time as needed.
  • The general position description should be a vital part of formal curriculum and training activities. It is far more important than wiki editing and so on.
  • The scope of the basic wiki editing should be limited by the skills needed to do the vocabs -- links, new page creations, simple lists, headings, categories.
  • The cost of our training will be increasing as the training goes. So, the earlier we separate those who ask questions and the others, the more money we save.
  • No job would be given to any candidate unless the person asks questions.
  • Test Reports will be in the form of simple reports like "On that page, I expected to get that, but have got this -- see the attached screenshot."
  • To start working on the vocabulary, the candidates should be able to report any inconsistencies.The placement graduates should know about testing more.
  • Each 3-10 minutes of reading/listening should be followed by some "active" activity.
  • We should add training activities in the entrance exam, following lectios, and fellow candidate qualification assignment.
  • The exam should reflect the welcome session and orientation. The assignment should reflect new learning content.
  • The fellows should be able to ask questions, propose improvements, etc
  • Concentrate on the skill set needed to work on vocabs productively -- i.e. ask questions, report problems, suggest improvements, etc.
  • Specifically, is a product epic -- we don't have that training yet and use this page to create a long story (aka epic) to describe the future training. Later, this epic should be chunked in the user stories such as "As the Orientation candidate, I shall be able to know how I can enroll myself in the Placement" and so on.
  • The Cyber Placement Essentials" should be the first session of the Placement.
  • No, manually graded assignments should precede big changes such as qualifying learners as fellow candidates and so on.
  • The placement is a complicated thing; it should be gradually-incremental.
  • After the Orientation, outline will be:
  1. Cyber Placement Essentials (brief for now, no more than one lesson)
  2. Placement Entrance Exam (quiz)
  3. Fellow Position Essentials (lessons)
  4. Candidate Qualification Project (assignment)
Further outline would be:
  1. Knowledge Management Essentials (lessons)
  2. Lead Candidate Project (assignment)
  3. Event Management Essentials (lessons)
  4. Senior Candidate Project (assignment)
  5. CNM Agile Essentials (lessons)
  6. Fellow Qualification Project (assignment)
  • As our product backlog grows, any user story should have been included in the sprint backlog first.
  • Placement Entrance exam format will be the same as old version of welcome course.
  • First version of Entrance exam shall have 40 questions.