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WorldOpp stipend (hereinafter, the Stipend) is a fixed monetary award paid as an allowance to a limited number of WorldOpp candidates matriculated into WorldOpp Fellowship. The Stipend is not expected to be repaid. On their own, the Stipend recipients decide how to use the Stipends. No report is needed with regard to accounting how the Stipends were used.



The weekly Stipend amount for:
  1. WorldOpp Fellow Candidates is an equivalent of 15 US$ in the local currency;
  2. WorldOpp Lead Candidates is an equivalent of 30 US$ in the local currency.
If the need exceeds this amount, the participants are welcome to discover WorldOpp internship.


Gary awards the Stipends once a week to best learners with regard to their academic success. Detailed explanations why any Stipend recipient is awarded shall be published below in the Recipients section.

Payment method

PayPal is a preferred payment method.

Payment Q&As

How to open a PayPal account in Kenya?
Please consult the PayPal wikipage.

Academic success

Since academic research is the primary educational method at Bracka Leadership Academy, academic success is measured in a number of those contributions that meet three requirements as follows. The contributions shall:

  1. Be relevant to WorldOpp Bootcamp (hereinafter, the Bootcamp) and/or the lectures that are listed at Category: Lectures of Septem Artes Administrativi (hereinafter, the Lectures);
  2. Be published at CNM Wiki as texts, pictures, audio files, video files, links, and/or videos embedded from YouTube;
  3. Be based on the academic research that is prompted by the Course;
  4. Advance the Course materials and/or lead to the meaningful changes in those materials.

Contributions could be Course texts, Discussions, Pictures, Videos, and/or Audios.

Course texts

The Course texts include the Lectures and those wikipages that are linked to the Lectures.


Every wikipage has its discussion section. The Course discussions include discussions for the Lectures and for all of the linked pages.


The Course pictures include all the pictures published on the Lectures.


The Course videos include:
  1. Video files downloaded to CNM Wiki and linked to the Lectures; and/or
  2. Videos published at YouTube and embedded into the Lectures.


The Course audios include audio files downloaded to CNM Wiki and linked to the Lectures.

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