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WorldOpp Pipeline is the five-stage process that a not-job-ready individual goes through in order to land his or her job using the WorldOpp programme.


Welcome Session

Main wikipage: CNM Cyber Welcome Session
CNM Cyber Welcome Session is the lesson that introduces its participants to CNM Cyber Orientation. Its length is about one hour.


Main wikipage: CNM Cyber Orientation
CNM Cyber Orientation is the course that introduces its participants to career administration, job search, and workforce development concepts. Its length varies greatly; usually, it takes from one day and up to one week.


Main wikipage: CNM Cyber Placement
CNM Cyber Placement is a group of hands-on activities for those graduates from CNM Cyber Orientation who have decided to become WorldOpp fellows. Its length varies greatly; usually, it takes from one week and up to one month.


Main wikipage: WorldOpp Bootcamp
WorldOpp Bootcamp is pre-employment training. Those graduates from CNM Cyber Placement who are enrolled into a WorldOpp incubator full time can receive WorldOpp stipends. The bootcamp's length varies greatly; usually, it takes from five weeks and up to three months.


Main wikipage: WorldOpp Employment
WorldOpp Employment is a combination of study, work, and career administration. Graduates from WorldOpp Bootcamp usually start working as apprentices 5 hours a week and, in about 9 months, move to full-time work schedules. The length of this type of employment varies greatly; usually, it takes from nine months and up to six years if, for instance, a fellow chooses also to earn a graduate degree.



If you are able to read this text, you have met all the requirements needed in order to start.


Main wikipage: WorldOpp Sourcing
WorldOpp Sourcing is an endeavor to attract new WorldOpp candidates. Everyone who is interested in our employment opportunities is invited to get enrolled into CNM Cyber Orientation, which is absolutely free and available to the general public 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Time estimates

Time estimates depend on many factors. The following table can represent an ideal schedule.
Week #StatusActivitiesStudent hoursWork hours
1Aspirant (no status)CNM Cyber Welcome Session, CNM Cyber Orientation, CNM Cyber PlacementNot defined0
2‑6CandidateWorldOpp Bootcamp40
7FellowWorldOpp Employment355
37 and further535

Early graduations

Early graduations are welcome. WorldOpp fellows are not committed to completing all the activities in order to get graduated. Every participant is able to leave the Pipeline at any time.

2019 Services presentation

The video of the presentation is published at (3:48). Here is its full text.

WorldOpp Pipeline. The four-stage process that a not-job-ready individual goes through in order to land his or her job using the WorldOpp programme.
WorldOpp Employment. The process in which graduates from WorldOpp Bootcamp start out as apprentices working for WorldOpp Fellow Staff and gradually move to independent work for their own companies and/or other employers.


Welcome to WorldOpp Services. In this brief presentation, we are going to take a look at the WorldOpp Pipeline and its parts. Let's roll the ball.

What WorldOpp services are

WorldOpp Services are the various programs offered by the WorldOpp Progra. WorldOPP Pipeline is the first stage process that a not job-ready individual goes through in order to land his/her job using the WorldOpp program.
The first stage of this process is CNM Cyber Orientation which is the introduction to Friends of CNM and its services that it designed actually for you because we are in this orientation. For the graduates from orientation, the next stage is the CNM Cyber Placement seminar which is the practice seminar that Friends of CNM designs, develops and delivers in order to place aspiring candidates into their path to fellowship. Based on this seminar you will be placed in WorldOpp Bootcamp which is the course and enterprise designed by Bracka school and it actually also delivered through Bracka leadership academy but you will be given through Friends of CNM.


The last stage of the WorldOpp pipeline is WorldOpp employment which is the process in which graduates from WorldOpp bootcamp start out as apprentices working for WorldOpp fellow staff and gradually move to independent work for their own companies and or other employers.
Curriculum here is more individually designed, but this is just guidelines. The curriculum will be designed by you, your employer and your educational institution like all together. Here, this WorldOpp employment is presented like a process. Initially you are working as a Fellow staff member, so this is in house employment, errors, mistakes are allowed and will be corrected in the place, it`s more like you are inside then when you are ready to move outside of the team, it is called assistant employment so you will work with some Friends of CNM most likely but you can call at any time and you can get back and get support from the team if or when you have a question. After this stage, the next is independent so you can work and plan for new work projects. You can be supported if you choose so.


This concludes the WorldOpp Services presentation. We have defined the WorldOpp Pipeline and taken a look at its parts including the CNM Cyber Orientation, Placement, Bootcamp, and Employment. A special stop was made by the WorldOpp Fellow Curriculum. If you haven't done yet so, you are now welcome to move to the Opportunities presentation.

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