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Lead Candidate
Announcement Number 0002
Employee Type Temporary
Degree Preferred No Degree
Location Remote
Schedule Flexible
Weekly Hours Undefined*
* A combination of study and work hours shall be around 40 hours a week
Department WorldOpp incubator

A WorldOpp Lead Candidate (hereinafter, the Candidate) is a mid-level role of WorldOpp candidates within an WorldOpp incubator of Friends Of CNM (hereinafter, the Group). Incumbents of this role are supposed to start out as WorldOpp Fellow Candidates and later be promoted to the Candidate's role.

Employer Overview

Friends Of CNM is a non-profit group that supports Career Network Ministry and enhances its services. However, this group is not a legal entity and cannot employ you directly. So, your employer will be one of its corporate friends depending on your location. In Northern Viginia, our primary corporate friend is Educaship Alliance LLC (formerly known as People's University).

Position Summary

We are looking for a manager candidate to join our DevOps Department. The ideal candidate will be a driven, self-starter who loves getting lost in data and can build an actionable story. This role will primarily be responsible for management of various problems. This role will be interfacing with multiple areas of the organization and should possess exceptional communications skills.

Job Description

Day to Day
Defects will come through the ticketing system as well as directly from internal teams and external vendors. First, Root Cause Analysis is usually already done by the incident management team, however this person will need to ensure ALL info needed for a true RCA activity is there. They must understand the RCA process, how to analyze a defect, etc. Once the analysis of the defect is complete, this resource will then coordinate with the necessary teams and 3rd party vendors to coordinate the fix. Lastly, they will coordinate the testing, validation, and fix of the defect. If a defect is large enough, it becomes a mini-project in which this resource will see issues to completion-coordinating all aspects of the SDLC. Depending on the size of the defect, they would need to coordinate the fix within the next monthly release of the application, or a hot fix they can knock out weekly.
Full life cycle of an 'issue or problem' -
  • Get a detailed idea and description of the actual problem from the person that opened the case
  • At that point, determine which teams/groups/individuals needs to be contacted brought into the resolution process. Can be as easy an engaging AMDOCS, or as complex as involving retail ops, AMDOCS, and various other teams in a room to get this resolved.
  • This person get to the root cause, not just putting a band-aid on an issue. This will be a 'project' to get to the root of it and provide a solution leveraging the correct vendor, internal teams, etc.
  • once the issues is identified and a plan is in place to fix it, this person will follow and drive this issue through testing, and then releasing into production.
Issues can range in importance and how critical
Could be anything from a link not working on an internal website, all the way to reporting being incorrect that is reported to shareholders.
There was an issue migrating customers into the customer portal. Both the web and call center teams reporting this issue. It became a defect. They got with the 3rd party vendor who owns the portal software to figure out why this issue was happening. They figured out the issue, fixed it, then went back to the business to tell them the problem, how it was fixed, and the solution that should prevent it from happening again. This team has morphed into project management, resources are taking issue/problems from start to finish, and it's basically at project. These issues/problems are 'high value impact'. which means they have financial impact, customer experience, fraud, security, call drivers, and escalated problem/issues.



Problem/Project Management Execute RCA (Root Cause Analysis), using testing environments to replicate issues, production environments to identify why issues are happening, migration issues, etc.
Vendor Management This resource will be performing RCA activities with the vendors who own the respective platform.
Process Ownership Taking issues and from start to finish without 'handing off' any part of the resolution process.
Reporting Design, build, and maintain reports, dashboards, and metrics to monitor performance.
Presentation Present insights and recommendations to the general public
Other Assist the DevOps Department and Friends Of CNM on special projects; particularly, organize at least one CNM Cyber roundtable a week as a CNM Cyber event host.

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