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Workforce Developers (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the second lesson part of the Certifications of Study lesson that introduces its participants to educational service providers and related topics.

This lesson belongs to the Introduction to Education session of EmployableU Foundation. The Foundation is the second stage of the WorldOpp Pipeline.


The predecessor lectio is Educational Institutions.


An educational service provider is an enterprise, usually an organization or its constituent part, that provides anyone or ones with education regardless of what this enterprise generally does. The providers are a subset of workforce service providers.
The providers include both educational institution and enterprises that are not in any educational business.
Workforce developers are in the business of workforce development, which is the process of developing workforce.
One of examples of workforce developers are apprentice-hosting employers. These employers host one or more apprentices. The Friends Of CNM is an example of an educational service provider that is not an educational institution.

Key terms

Educational service provider, workforce developer, workforce development, apprentice-hosting employer


Have you ever used the services of educational service providers other than educational institutions? --Yes/No/I'm not sure

What CNM Cyber Is is the successor lectio.


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