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The Wiki Editing Essentials (hereinafter, the Lesson) is the primary lesson activity of CNM Cyber that introduces its participants to editing of wikipages. The Lesson belongs to the CNMC Team Admission section of the CNM Cyber Placement.

The Lesson is made up of six lectios. At CNM Cyber, the word, lectio, is used for a lesson part.



The predecessor lesson is Technical Report Essentials.


Wiki Editing Essentials
Lectios # Referred topics
What Wikipages Are 1 Wikipage, wikipage title
What Wiki Edits Are 2 Wiki edit, MediaWiki
Management of Wikipages 3 Wiki sysop, wiki bureaucrat, CNMC Knowledge Administrator
What Wiki Categories Are 4 Wiki category, Category:Lectio Contents, Category:Lesson Plans, Category:Section Syllabi, Category:Program Curricula, Category:Welcome Session, Category:Career Orientation, Category:CNMC Core Orientation, Category:CNMCT Entrance, Category:CNMCT Onboarding, Category:Management, Category:Project Management, Category:Reference Publications, Category:References (to work on)
Developments at the Wiki 5 Talk page, Category:Product Epics, Category:Software Epics, Category:Service Epics, product backlog, product backlog item (PBI), sprint backlog, sprint backlog item (SBI), Category:Sprint Backlogs


The successor lesson is Project Work Essentials.


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