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What the Placement Is (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the lesson part of CNMC Workforce Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to the developers of CNM Cyber Workforce. This lesson belongs to the CNMC for Experience session of the CNM Cyber Orientation.


The predecessor lectio is Work Experience at Cyber.


The CNM Cyber Placement is the combination of learning content delivery and practical instruction that is designed to place its participants into various positions within the CNM Cyber Team and/or WorldOpp Fellow Staff.
On the contrary to both CNM Cyber Welcome Session and Orientation, the Placement is not a single course. Since available positions vary, so do Placement paths. Any participant is welcome to go as far as he or she chooses to go.
The Placement features several stages, called sections. These sections are incremental; no participant can start a new section prior to completing the previous one.
To be admitted to the Placement, any graduate from the CNM Cyber Orientation must pass the CNMCP Admission Test. It consists of 20 type-in, multiple choice, and true/false questions. The number of attempts is unlimited. To prepare better, the test takers are able to see those questions that they fail to answer.
To become a CNM Cyber Project Coordinator, any participant must complete Manual Testing, Technical Report, and Project Work Essentials, as well as to pass the CNMCT Entrance Exam.
To be accepted to a WorldOpp incubator, the Coordinator must study the WorldOpp fellow position requirements, pass the Fellow Candidate Exam, and complete one's Fellow Candidate Project.

Key terms

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No successor lectio exists in the CNM Cyber Orientation. The next course is the CNM Cyber Placement.


Placement entrance exam