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What Wiki Categories Are (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the lesson part of Wiki Editing Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to wiki edit concepts. This lesson belongs to the CNMCT Entrance section of the CNM Cyber Placement.


The predecessor lectio is Management of Wikipages.


At CNM Wiki, a wiki category is the metadata that can group various wikipages; links to all the pages that belong to one category can be found at the category page.
Category pages belong to special pages. If you click on the "Special pages" tab in the left menu, you can find the list of all categories.
Both category tags and category pages are user features and functions of CNM Wikiware; these features allow end-users to index wikipages and access them via those indeces.
Wiki categories can also be defined as groupings of those wikipages that are indexed similarly.
For instance, the What Wiki Categories Are wikipage belongs to two categories; they are Lectio Contents and CNMC Team Entrance. This metadata can be found at the bottom of the wikipage. If you click on any of those categories, you would see all the pages that belong to that category, including the What Wiki Categories Are one.
The category page title consists of a word, Category, a colon, and the name of a category. For example, Category:Category Name.
To index any page, you can simply add the [[Category:Category Name]] script to the page's wikitext. You can see that the script is simply a link to the category page. Since the category link appears at the bottom of the page, the end of the page's wikitext is the conventionally-reasonable place for that script.
One category may serve as a subcategory of another category. For instance, Category:Welcome Session, Category:Career Orientation, Category:CNMC Core Orientation, and Category:CNMC Team Entrance are subcategories of Category:CNMCT Onboarding. If you access any of those categories, you would see complete lists of all the key words used in related sections of courses.
The Category:Lectio Contents groups all the wikipages that are dedicated to lectios. The Category:Lesson Plans groups all the pages that are dedicated to lesson activities. The Category:Section Syllabi groups course section pages and Category:Program Curricula groups those pages that are dedicated to courses of study.
Those pages that don't belong to any courses are categorized and sub-categorized similarly. For instance, the Category:Project Management is a subcategory of the Category:Management.
The CNM Cyber Team heavily uses categories in development of CNM Cyber. For instance, CNM Wiki promotes significant publications in the fields related to the Team's curriculum. The Category:References (to work on) groups those publications that will be used as references. When the references are published on related wikipages, the publication wikipages are reassigned from that category to the Category:Reference Publications one.
Finally, CNM Wiki is the development hub that the Team utilizes to develop requirements.

Key terms

Wiki category, Category:Lectio Contents, Category:Lesson Plans, Category:Section Syllabi, Category:Program Curricula, Category:Welcome Session, Category:Career Orientation, Category:CNMC Core Orientation, Category:CNMC Team Entrance, Category:CNMCT Onboarding, Category:Management, Category:Project Management, Category:Reference Publications, Category:References (to work on)


The successor lectio is Developments at the Wiki.