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What Test Case Is (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the lesson part of Manual Testing Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to manual testing concepts. This lesson belongs to the CNMCT Entrance section of the CNM Cyber Placement.


The predecessor lectio is Verification vs Validation.


The English word, case, originally derived from a Latin noun casus that meant an accident, event, occurrence; occasion, opportunity. A test case is a set of requirements for particular testing.
In systems engineering, a functional test case commonly specifies the inputs, external factors, available assets, procedures, and expected outputs that the tested system shall produce. Having that specification, the tester who administers the product work test can evaluate whether the tested system achieves the objectives it has been designed to achieve.
Not all performance cases must be highly detailed. For instance, one performance test case for this very lectio can be:

Evaluate whether the closing question of the lectio reflects the brief lecture that this lectio includes.

Test cases for usability testing are rarely detailed; they tend to be more general than those for performance testing. A simplest example of a usability test case can be,

While using the tested system, report if you feel uncomfortable, get confused, or even start thinking what to do next.

Regression testing for user experience improvements is not feasible; all of usability testing is in the progression testing category.

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The successor lectio is What Reporting Is.