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Testing is an endeavor undertaken to try out somebody or something to discover, evaluate, and/or measure the one's capacities, characteristics, and/or defects.


Human vs non-human subject

Test subject, testee, examinee

Human vs machine tester

Intervention vs observation

  1. Testing. Taking measures to check the performance or reliability of something, especially before putting it into widespread use or practice, or somebody, especially before hiring. Someone who or something that conducts testing is called a tester. Someone who or something that is tested is called a testee. If a testee is a human being, this testing is called human-subject testing. The testing that utilizes one or more artifacts such as a prototype, marketable, or work product is called artifact testing. The testing that utilizes no artifact is called natural testing.
    NaturalObservation, oral examination, open voting, interview, etc.Measurement and signature intelligence, automatic data validation, etc.
    ArtifactQuestionnaire survey, ballot voting, user test, etc.Computer-based exam, online survey, etc.
    • Verification. Testing a product at a given stage of development to ensure that it meets specifications and requirements. Verification ensures that the solution is developed correctly; it answers the question, "Did we build the system right?" Also see requirements verification.
    • Validation. (1) Testing a marketable to ensure that it satisfies its intended use and conforms to its specifications and requirements. Validation ensures that the correct solution has been developed; it answers the question, "Did we build the right system?" Also see requirements validation; (2) Testing a developed product to insure that the created system actually provides the value intended to its stakeholders.

Every separate application should have possibility to testing separately on remote hardware. For that we need

  1. policy how and where we can get snapshot of application, and how push changes backwards (is inseparable connected with testing process)
  2. script to install necessary environment for *nix system or list of it
  3. possibility take snapshot with production base and without


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