Technical Report Essentials

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The Technical Report Essentials (hereinafter, the Lesson) is the primary learning activity of CNM Cyber that introduces its participants to producing technical reports. The Lesson belongs to the CNMC Team Admission section of the CNM Cyber Placement.

The Lesson is made up of five lectios. At CNM Cyber, the word, lectio, is used for a lesson part.



The predecessor lesson is Manual Testing Essentials.


Technical Report Essentials
Lectios # Referred topics
What Reporting Is 1 Report, reporting, reporter, reportable data
What Report Complete Is 2 Report completeness, question set, Kipling Questions, 5W1H
Narrated Fact vs Opinion 3 Language modality, grammatical mode, irrealis mode, imperative phrase, subjunctive phrase, realis mode, factual statement, opinion statement, normative statement
What Tech Report Is 4 Technical report, scientific report, report content, SSUFI, document summary, report stage-setting section, report undertaking section, report finding, report interpretation, STAR Layout (situation, task, action, result), white paper
Tech Report Metadata 5 Document metadata, descriptive metadata, discovery metadata, historical metadata, structural metadata, administrative metadata, legal metadata, distribution metadata, technical metadata, copyright, copyleft


The successor lesson is Wiki Editing Essentials.

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