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Literally, product is anything that is produced. This term has a wide range of applications:

Marketable vs work product

Main wikipages: Marketable, Work product

A marketable is anything that is offered on the market for sale. Usually, but not necessarily, a marketable is a work product. On another side, a work product is any output from a process. A work product may be offered on the market or be consumed internally.

Service vs product

Main wikipages: Service, Service management

In service management,

  • Service is what the service consumer orders and gets; this is only a part of what the service provider has produced in order to deliver. For instance, it may take several months to shot a 90-minute movie. This movie consumer will never see everything that has been produced; on the screen, he or she will see only the editor's cut.
  • Product is what the service provider produces in order to provide the service consumer with the ordered service. One service is a result of one or more service-making products.

However, the usage of these two terms, product and service is not consistent throughout various industries and geographic areas. In marketing, a term, service, generally refers to a product.