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An occupation list (hereinafter, the List) is a list of occupations. The Lists refer to numerous attempts to classify various occupations. No one can be considered 'complete' or 'final.'


Main wikipage: Assistant
  1. Office manager, practice manager, administrative assistant
  2. Program administrator, project administrator, contract administrator
  3. Personal assistant, secretary


Main wikipage: Clerk
  1. Data entry clerk, call center clerk, contact center clerk, information officer, receptionist
  2. Accounting clerk, bookkeeper, payroll clerk
  3. Bank clerk, loan officer
  4. Office support worker, betting clerk, courier, mail deliverer, registry clerk, filling clerk, mail sorter, survey interviewer,
  5. Purchasing clerk, logistics clerk, dispatcher
  6. Conveyancer, legal executive, court clerk, legal clerk, debt collector, human resource clerk, inspector, regulatory officer, insurance investigator, loss adjuster, risk surveyor
  7. Library assistant


Main wikipage: Consultant
  1. Adviser
  2. Counselor


Main wikipage: Laborer
  1. Cleaner, laundry worker, car detailer, housekeeper
  2. Construction worker, miner
  3. Factory process worker, food process worker, packer, product assembler, product quality controller
  4. Farm worker, forestry worker, gardener
  5. Food preparation assistant, food trades assistant, kitchenhand
  6. Freight handler, shelf filler
  7. Caretaker, handyperson, recycling collector, vending machine attendant
  8. General laborer


Main wikipage: Manager
  1. Chief executive, general manager, legislator
  2. Farmer
  3. Project manager: policy and planning manager, research and development manager, construction manager, engineering manager
  4. Operations manager: advertising manager, public relations manager, sales manager, corporate services manager, finance manager, HR manager, distribution manager, production manager, supply manager, distribution manager, procurement manager


Main wikipage: Operator
  1. Driver, automobile driver, bus driver, train driver, truck driver
  2. Machine operator, stationary plant operators
  3. Mobile plant operator, forklift driver
  4. Storeperson


Main wikipage: Originator
  1. Product owner, author
  2. Designer: fashion designer, industrial designer, product designer, graphic designer, web designer
  3. Urban planner, regional planner

Service worker

Main wikipage: Service worker

Community service worker

  1. Health support worker, paramedics, nurse assistant, massage therapist
  2. Welfare support worker
  3. Protective service worker, defense force member, fire fighter, police officer, security officer, guard

Customer service worker

  1. Hospitality worker, bar attendant, barista, gaming worker, hotel service manager, waiter
  2. Sports worker, fitness instructor, outdoor adventure guide, sports coach, sportperson
  3. Service station attendant, street vendor
  4. Checkout operator, cashier
  5. Model demonstrator, sales demonstrator

Personal service worker

  1. Child carer, education aide, personal care assistant, aged carer, disabled carer, dental assistant
  2. Beauty therapist, driving instructor, funeral worker, gallery guide, museum guide, tour guide, personal care consultant
  3. Travel worker, tourism adviser, travel adviser, travel attendant


Main wikipage: Specialist

Arts professional

Main wikipage: Arts professional
  1. Actor, entertainer, music professional, photographer, performer

Financial professional

Main wikipage: Financial professional
  1. Accountant, auditor, corporate treasurer

Health professional

Main wikipage: Health professional
  1. Medical doctor, optometrist, orthoptist, pharmacist
  2. Chiropractor, osteopath, dental practitioner, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, podiatrist, audiologist, speech pathologist, resident medical officer, anaesthetist
  3. Physician, psychiatrist, surgeon
  4. Midwife, registered nurse

Human development professional

Main wikipage: Human development professional
  1. Workforce developer, trainer
  2. Teacher, lecturer, tutor
  3. Education reviewer
  4. Minister of religion
  5. Psychologist, social worker

Information professional

Main wikipage: Information professional
  1. Actuary, mathematician, statistician
  2. Archivist, curator, records manager, librarian
  3. Interpreter, translator

Legal professional

Main wikipage: Legal professional
  1. Barrister, solicitor
  2. Lawyer

Marketplace professional

Main wikipage: Marketplace professional
  1. Deal maker, broker, dealer
  2. Sales representative, agent
  3. Sales worker, sales assistant, salesperson
  4. Retail supervisor
  5. Buyer
  6. Telemarketer, visual merchandiser
  7. Recruiter
  8. Marketing professional, public relations professional

Media professional

Main wikipage: Media professional
  1. Artistic director, media producer, presenter, editor, journalist, reporter, content developer, illustrator
  2. Multimedia specialist, web developer

Project professional

Main wikipage: Project professional
  1. Architect
  2. Engineer, test engineer, tester
  3. Software developer, computer programmer

Property administrator

Main wikipage: Property administrator
  1. Database administrator, systems administrator, cybersecurity specialist
  2. Computer support professional

Research professional

Main wikipage: Research professional
  1. Surveyor
  2. Scientist: chemist, geologist, geophysicist, gydrogeologist, veterinarian
  3. Analyst: management analyst, organization analyst, intelligence analyst, policy analyst, business analyst, systems analyst
  4. Economist


Main wikipage: Technician
  1. Engineering technician, science technician
  2. Agricultural technician, medical technician
  3. Building technician, surveying technician, engineering draftsperson
  4. Inspector
  5. IT support technician, telecommunications technician, performing arts technician

Trades worker

Main wikipage: Trades worker
  1. Electrician, mechanic, maintenance worker, toolmaker, engineering patternmaker, vehicle body builder, trimmer, painter
  2. Bricklayer, carpenter, stonemason, floor finisher
  3. Plumber
  4. Food trades worker, baker, cook, butcher, chef
  5. Animal attendant, animal trainer, veterinary nurse
  6. Horticultural trades worker, florist, gardener, greenkeeper
  7. Hairdresser
  8. Printing trades worker, print finisher, printer, clothing trades worker, footwear trades worker
  9. Goods maker, cabinetmaker, jeweller

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