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Methods of Study (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the second lesson part of the Educational Methods lesson that introduces its participants to educational methods and related topics.

This lesson belongs to the Introduction to Education session of the CNM Cyber Orientation. The Orientation is the second stage of the WorldOpp Pipeline.


The predecessor lectio is Training Targets.


An educational method refers to any established procedure for one's education. These procedures are usually based on observation and direct experience. They can fit several categories such as learning content delivery, practical instruction, cognitive research, experiential learning. Any learning tends to use some combination of those.
Imagine that you are learning to speak another language. Most likely, you get some syntax concepts and vocabulary words through learning content delivery. Practical instruction would be needed to work on your pronunciation. However, you will never speak another language fluently unless you start researching it, finding patterns, and try in various conditions and under various circumstances.
Educational methods are usually made up of some learning activities organized with some learning sequences.
A learning activity can be defined as something that a learner does or is offered to do for his or her learning.
Learning sequences are chains of learning activities or educational objectives that some human-learning theory or one's intuition suggests.

Key terms

Educational method, learning activity


Is the concept of educational method explained well? --Yes/No/I'm not sure

Content Deliveries is the successor lectio.


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