Manual Testing Essentials

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The Manual Testing Essentials (hereinafter, the Lesson) is the primary learning activity of CNM Cyber that introduces its participants to manual testing. The Lesson belongs to the CNMC Team Admission section of the CNM Cyber Placement.

The Lesson is made up of six lectios. At CNM Cyber, the word, lectio, is used for a lesson part.



CNMCP Admission Test is the predecessor learning activity, but the Lesson itself is the first lesson activity of the CNM Cyber Placement. Since CNM Cyber Orientation is the Placement's prerequisite, CNMC Workforce Essentials can be considered as the predecessor lesson.


Manual Testing Essentials
Lectios # Referred topics
What Testing Is 1 Testing, testee, examinee, tester, examiner, duck test
What Manual Test Is 2 Manual testing, bug, automated testing, testing software, manual tester, usability testing, user experience (UX)
Product Work Tests 3 Product work testing, functional testing, non-functional testing, functional test, non-functional test, product work test, progression test, regression test, progression testing, regression testing
Verification vs Validation 4 Verification, validation, acceptance testing, acceptance criteria, acceptance test
What Test Case Is 5 Test case, case, functional test case, performance test case, usability test case


The successor lesson is Technical Report Essentials.

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