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Management of Wikipages (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the lesson part of Wiki Editing Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to wiki edit concepts. This lesson belongs to the CNMCT Entrance section of the CNM Cyber Placement.


The predecessor lectio is What Wiki Edits Are.


There are two ways to create a new wikipage at CNM Wiki. First, you can type the new page title in the search bar. If the page doesn't exist, CNM Wiki would offer you to create a new page. Secondly, you can create a link and, if this link is displayed as red, your click on that link would allow you for new page creation.
At CNM Wiki, titles should generally follow the English-language grammar. Only proper nouns, which are names of single entities, should be capitalized. Common nouns are non-capitalized. For instance, accounts payable refer to a group of payable accounts; Accounts Payable refers to the account named "Accounts Payable."
At the same time, MediaWiki capitalizes the first letter of any title automatically.
WorldOpp Middleware provides CNM Wiki with two Federated-systems roles; they are NetAnyone and CertUser.
Any NetAnyone can read wikipages, view the history of their revisions, but cannot edit wikipages. MediaWiki calls this role "Anyone."
Any CertUser can edit non-protected wikipages, restore the deleted pages, undo wiki edits, create new pages, and upload files. Registered users cannot delete or move pages, but can redirect one page to another while posting this script:

#REDIRECT [[Title of the page this script would redirect to]]

MediaWiki calls this role "Registered User."
The landing and few other pages of CNM Wiki are protected from registered user's editing. Only users with wiki sysop roles can edit them. Sysops can also delete and move pages. Sysop roles are not federated, they should be assigned locally within CNM Wiki.
One sysop, however, cannot assign another sysop role. Only those users who have the wiki bureaucrat role can do that. At the same token, bureaucrats cannot do those editing what sysop can. Both sysadmin and bureaucrat are local-system roles.
At WorldOpp Fellow Staff, the CNMC Knowledge Administrator is a staffer who oversees developments of CNM Wiki. This staffer holds both sysop and bureaucrat roles.

Key terms

Wiki sysop, wiki bureaucrat, CNMC Knowledge Administrator


Which of the following statements is correct:
  1. NetAnyones can view the history of wikipages.
  2. CNMC Knowledge Administrator can assign sysop roles.
  3. Registered users can redirect one page to another.
  4. CertUser can create new pages and restore the deleted pages
  5. All of the other substantive answers are correct.
  6. The successor lectio is What Wiki Categories Are.