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Focus on Knowledge (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the lesson part of the Competency Suite Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to CNM Competency Suite. This lesson belongs to the CNM Cyber for Competence session of the CNM Cyber Orientation.


The predecessor lectio is What Competency Suite Is.


Knowledge-focused training is the training that attempts to transfer knowledge from the instructor or another more competent other directly or through publications to the learners. This transfer is known as learning content delivery.
The content delivery usually occurs through lessons like this one you are in, as well as instructor-led lecturing, other narrated instruction, demonstrating, and publication of learning contents. The target knowledge should be embedded in that content.
When it is launched, CNM Page shall become the primary service for knowledge-focused training. This CNM Cyber service would incorporate a range of learning contents including readable, listenable, and watchable materials. CNM Page will also feature quiz activities, but will not require any user to have a user account.
CNM Cert also contains educational texts, graphics, audios, and videos. However, they are not available for those users who created no account. Plus, the courses of CNM Cert are sequenced. You cannot open those courses that have prerequisites without completing those first. CNM Page have no such limitations.
CNM Cert manages only those courses that are administered by the CNM Cyber Team. On the contrary, CNM Page would have learning content of those courses such as Septem Artes Administrativi and WorldOpp Fellow Curriculum that are administered by the Friends Of CNM and other Careerprise partners.
CNM Tube and CNM Wiki also contain learning contents and require no accounts, but they are not designed to host systematic, officially-approved courses. Vice versa, the students can use these services to create their own contents.
Finally, not all CNM Cyber services are computed-based. If some associate of the CNM Cyber Workforce holds any CNM Cyber event that is open to the general public, CNM Talk would be used to deliver it.

Key terms

Knowledge-focused training, Septem Artes Administrativi, WorldOpp Fellow Curriculum


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Focus on Abilities is the successor lectio.


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