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Copyright is the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, and distribute any original work that has an identifiable owner. The copyrighted work shall contain a special notice that specifies the legal metadata.


According to College Accounting: A Practical Approach by Slater (13th edition)‎,

Copyright. The exclusive right that is granted by the federal government to sell and reproduce literary, musical, or artistic works for a period of time.

According to Principles of Economics by Timothy Taylor (3rd edition),

Copyright. A form of legal protection to prevent copying for commercial purposes original works of authorship, including books and music.

According to the ASME EMBOK,

Copyright. The exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, and sell original work created by a writer (e.g., computer software, literary works, artistic works, etc.).


The ANSI/NISO Scientific and Technical Reports standard details,

Some organizations may opt to use a traditional copyright page common within the publishing industry. The copyright section may include the following information, if available:
  • The complete name of the sponsoring organization, including the contract number authorizing the research, and/or any organizations providing funding for the report
  • Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) Data
  • An ISBN and/or ISSN
  • The country in which the report was produced
  • Permission for use of proprietary information, such as photo credits
  • The mission statement of the producer, trademark information, and any disclaimers from the producer
  • A copyright symbol, year, and the name of the copyright holder
  • Authority to copy the contents or require permission from the producer prior to copying. While federal government publications may be freely copied by the public, a request for permission allows the publisher to track the uses of the report.
  • The name, complete address, and phone number of the producer and how additional copies of the report may be obtained; a Web or email address, or both, may be included. Copyrights on reports are not always formally registered; material prepared for the U.S. Government is usually available for public dissemination without copyright.
The order of appearance is not important so long as all elements appear. The recommended location is the verso (back) of the title page. If these elements are included on the copyright page, it is at the discretion of the publisher if they are included in other sections of the front matter.

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