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Careerprise's trade mark

Careerprise service (hereinafter, the Service) is any service that is designed for job seekers or the workforce and delivered either by Friends Of CNM (hereinafter, the Friends) or by Careerprise partners using marketing channels of the Friends. Costs that are associated with the Services are supposed to be paid by either recipients of the Services, governmental institutions, and/or donors.

At CNM Cyber, the Services are those career services that are available to Certified CNM Cyber Users at no cost, but are not powered by CNM Cloud.

Product lines

Career services

Main wikipage: Careerprise
Careerprise is the one-stop hub for career services that is brought to the general public by the Friends. Using CNM Cloud, the Friends intends to connect the Patrons to those career service providers, that services fit the Patrons' needs. Some of the services, such as online career administration education, shall be offered at no cost to the Patrons.

Economic fellowship

Main wikipage: WorldOpp Pipeline
WorldOpp Pipeline is the four-stage process that a not-job-ready individual goes through in order to land his or her job using the WorldOpp programme. This programme provides its fellows with (a) economic education through Bracka Leadership Academy and (b) employment and/or funding for startup businesses.

Dual education

Main wikipage: Educaship
Educaship is the program that combines liberal education, career administration, and apprenticeship, and is brought to the general public by the Friends. The length of the program is four or more years. Its graduates receive professional experience and other employable credentials. The costs associated with the program are similar to college tuition costs.

Delivery models

Three delivery models are available to any customer. This customer may switch his or her model at any time when another spot is available.

WorldOpp Financing

Main wikipage: WorldOpp Financing
WorldOpp Financing features in-house financing and contingent payments. The contingent assumes that the customers are expected to pay not only after they have been graduated from WorldOpp Pipeline, but when they already land their jobs.


Main wikipage: WorldOpp Fellowship
WorldOpp Fellowship features donor financing. That means that the donors are expected to pay all the costs associated with WorldOpp Pipeline. The customers are not supposed to pay any cent from their pockets at any moment of their lives.

Careerprise (default)

By default, the customers are supposed to pay for the Services. Financing is going to be arranged with partnering financial institutions.

Service providers


Main wikipage: Careerprise partner
WorldOpp Fellow Staff would like to team up with any stable organization willing to become a Careerprise partner in order to provide the customers of Friends Of CNM with any Service beyond WorldOpp Pipeline.

In-house production

Main wikipage: WorldOpp Fellow Staff
WorldOpp Fellow Staff is responsible for design, development, and delivery of WorldOpp Pipeline.

Target customers

The Services' models Donors Workforce Governments Learners Employers Investors
Careerprise (default) Not offered Offered on paid basis
WorldOpp Financing
WorldOpp Fellowship Offered to fund Offered to utilize Offered to support Not offered


Donors are welcome to fund any part of the WorldOpp Fellowship programme, which is the only Service that offers WorldOpp stipends, WorldOpp reimbursements, WorldOpp computers, and WorldOpp grants to its participants. All educational programs of Bracka Leadership Academy and Educaship are delivered through WorldOpp Fellowship at absolutely no cost to its participants as well.


All of the Services are designed around workforce's needs. Educaship shall provide workforce with vocationally-tailored education, Bracka Leadership Academy shall provide its participants with entrepreneurial education, WorldOpp Financing shall support entrepreneurs, Careerprise shall support employment candidates, and WorldOpp Fellowship shall serve those who need the Services, but cannot afford to pay for those.


Although Bracka Leadership Academy and Educaship are directly tailored toward for needs of those learners who are not necessarily on the job market, these learners can also be benefited from other Services as well. The learners are responsible for all of the costs associated with the Services.


Employers are welcome to utilize the Services as a part of their recruitment and/or workforce development. The employers are responsible for all of the costs associated with the Services.


Although WorldOpp Financing is directly tailored toward investors' needs, they can also be benefited from other Services, as a part of their selection of the investment recipients and support for the funded entrepreneurs as well. The investors are responsible for all of the costs associated with the Services.


Although WorldOpp Fellowship is directly tailored toward government's needs, governments can also be benefited from other Services, as a part of their workforce and/or economic development as well. Nevertheless, the governments shall be responsible for all of the costs associated with the Services other than WorldOpp Fellowship.

2019 presentation

This is a preview to introduction to carrier price services session and in this session we will touch carrier prices and what services are called carrier price services. We will introduce you to WorldOpp program, including its two parts, WorldOpp Financing and WorldOpp Fellowship. We will touch WorldOpp Pipeline which includes orientation where you are here and which will be followed by placement seminar and then WorldOpp bootcamp and it will lead to WorldOpp Employment, we will talk more about employment, how it will look like if you registered in the program and it will touch development of work because it is more like an idea at the moment with some results but it is not fully developed program so WorldOpp project will be touched or discussed as a part of this development and WiorldOpp events.

Hopefully we will be ready to jump to CNM Cloud.

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