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A Careerprise contractor (hereinafter, the Contractor) is any contractor, either an independent contractor or organization, whom the Friends Of CNM (hereinafter, the Group) hires to design, build, or deliver career services. The Contractor usually designs, develops, and/or delivers services to the Group. The Group also can purchase Contractor's services in order to deliver them to the Group's patrons.


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Contested projects

The fixed-price compensation is fully negotiable. When you propose to build online services for Career Network Ministry's patrons, you are supposed to describe what you can do and name your budget and schedule. We agree or disagree. As an independent contractor, the incumbent of this role may:

  1. Lead new development;
  2. Oversee development of new services for Career Network Ministry's patrons;
  3. Serve as a liaison between Friends Of CNM and industry partners;
Everyone is welcome to develop products, services, or results of Friends Of CNM as a contractor. To be considered, please state:
  1. What deliverable you are going to create and offer Friends Of CNM to purchase. These deliverables could be anything valuable, measurable and describable related to the sourcing of fellow candidates or serving of the selected fellows. Friends Of CNM will consider any deliverable you may offer them to purchase as a result of your project. Especially, Friends Of CNM would like to pay for anything that would help to attract more people enrolled in CNM Cyber Orientation. If you envision what it should be, they can finance, mentor, etc. If you cannot, this job offer cannot be relevant to you. Do you feel like Friends Of CNM should do anything differently? Are you able to do that on your own if Friends Of CNM would pay for that? State what you can create, delete, or modify. You are welcome to explore the deliverable wikipage to learn more what that deliverable can be;
  2. The dollar amount of the financial award and any other support, which is sought.
Friends Of CNM plans to award up to $200 every week in the open awarding process. The contractors are assigned sponsors as points-of-contact of Friends Of CNM.



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