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A Careerprise conference (hereinafter, the Event) is a CNM Cyber event of Friends Of CNM (hereinafter, the Buyer) organized by one or more CNM Cyber event hosts (hereinafter, the Host) in order to:

  1. Clarify the requirements for WorldOpp Project and/or other developments that the Buyer is willing to order;
  2. Discuss any administrative challenges that potential and/or actual Careerprise contractors and/or Careerprise partners face in their work for or with the Buyer.

The Event can be considered as some combination of pre-bid meeting, preaward meeting, and postaward meetings. The Event can also be used for recruitment and/or debriefing. Unless the Event is Invitation-only, the CNM Cyber Meetup group and WorldOpp fb-page serve as primary Communication channels (hereinafter, the Channels).


The Buyer finances WorldOpp Project and, as a part of that endeavor, hires Careerprise contractors to work on Careerprise bizopps. The purpose of the Event is to:

  1. On the Buyer's side, hire and/or retain Careerprise contractors; and
  2. On the side of aspiring and/or actual Careerprise contractors, obtain Buyer's business and/or get helped in providing the Buyer with the contractors' services.


Participants of the Event are aspiring and/or actual Careerprise contractors. By default, the Host is a confirmed participant of any Event. Personally, the Host may identify, contact, and confirm those participants that would be specially invited to the Event.


The agenda is proposed by future participants, CNMC DevOps Administrator, and/or the Host. Its official version shall be published at the designated Channel. Any Event may consist of one or more parts; for instance:
# Part Description Duration
1 General Q&A session
  • Undefined; but the Event shall end within one hour;
  • All of unresolved topics shall be either handled after the Event or moved to the next Event
2 Contractor-driven Q&A session
  • Topics are related to administrative issues with the projects that are both authorized and funded by the Buyer;
  • Only Careerprise contractors can ask questions.
3 Contractor pitches
  • Topics are related to authorized and funded projects;
  • One by one, those aspiring Careerprise contractors who would like to offer their services, pitch the Buyer;
  • The sequence of the pitches is defined by the agenda created in advance on the first-come-first-served basis.
4 Buyer-driven Q&A session
  • Topics are related to the pitched offers;
  • Everyone, especially the Buyer, can ask questions.
5 Buyer's reflections and debriefings
  • Topics are related to the pitched offers;
  • The summary or, vice versa, the expanded version is published on CNM Wiki.
All of the presentations are pre-recorded and supposed to be viewed by the attendees before they arrive.


Enterprise factors

Main wikipage: CNM Cyber event

Participants' needs

Any participant (the Buyer, potential and/or actual Careerprise contractor, CNM Cyber event host, etc.) needs to be able to:
  1. Know when the Events occur and how he or she can participate in those;
  2. Be introduced to as much information as possible prior to the Event the interested individual decides to participate in;
  3. Ask qualified questions and get answers first-hand;
  4. Review minutes and other documents if the interested individual misses the Event.

Potential contractors' needs

Any potential Careerprise contractor needs to be able to:
  1. Obtain missing requirements for the projects of their interests if these requirements exist;
  2. Present their bids and discuss any issues with them;
  3. Obtain available details on the contract awarding process.

Actual contractors' needs

Any actual Careerprise contractor needs to be able to:
  1. Discuss any issues with their bids and administrative issues with their projects;
  2. Contribute to solutions for those projects that have been discussed.

The Buyer's needs

The Buyer needs to be able to:
  1. Understand what requirements should be clarified and, when so, clarify those;
  2. Understand the challenges potential and actual Careerprise contractors face in order to work on those;
  3. Award available contracts related to Careerprise bizopps;
  4. Know more about the progress of WorldOpp Project.

Time details

Start time

The online Events shall start at 11am EST (American East Cost), which is 6pm EAT (Eastern African Time), 11pm Filipino time, and so on. The onsite Events can start at any time between 9am and 7pm EST if organized in the Washington DC metro area. However, no two Events can be planned simultaneously. The Host who organizes the particular Event is supposed to check the calendar of the Group and the FB Page in order to comply.


No length requirements have established yet. Some suggestions can be the following:
  1. From 45 minutes to one hour for online only Events;
  2. From one hour to 90 minutes for onsite Events.



The Group publishes all the announcement and notifications for onsite Events and the FB Page does so for online Events in order at serves as a hub and/or notice board to reach out to potential and actual participants.

Videos and audios

The Wiki publishes all the content of the Event including its specific agenda, minutes and all available recordings. The recordings can also be published at YouTube in order to be available to the general public.

Texts and graphics

The Wiki publishes all the content of the Event including its specific agenda, minutes and all available recordings and, if the recordings are published at YouTube in order to be available to the general public, the links.

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