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CNM Farms (formerly known as CNM Servers, sometimes referred as CNM Platform; hereinafter, the Farms) is The combination of computing servers and container engines that host CNM Cloud, as well as those parts of CNM Lab Farm that are provisioned to run serverless systems. The Farms provide both Worldopp Middleware and CNM apps with functionality.

Application servers

Currently, every of four existing application servers that support CNM Cloud is build on one droplet of DigitalOcean. Every of these Platform features 2 GB Memory, 50 GB Disk, and Ubuntu 18.04.2 x64.

All of those Platform are for compute. However, some need for one or more testing servers, tentatively called a fellow server, is identified. Some control servers may also be considered.

Campus Farm

Main wikipage: CNM Campus Farm
The CNM Campus Farm supports...

Federated Farm

Main wikipage: WorldOpp Federated Farm
The Federated Farm supports one instance of WorldOpp Middleware (Opplet; shall be located at

Bureau Farm

Main wikipage: CNM Bureau Farm
The CNM Bureau Farm is a production server that shall support:
  1. One instance of CNM Moodle (Moodle; currently, located at
  2. One instance of CNM Mailware (currently, Roundcube; currently, not located at any URL).
  3. One instance of CNM Labware (Redmine and SVN linked to Bitbucket's file storage; currently, located at
  4. One instance of CNM Linkupware (SuiteCRM; currently, located at
  5. Two instances of CNM MediaWiki setup for two languages (MediaWiki; currently, located at
  6. Several instances of CNM WordPress (WordPress; currently, located at
  7. One instance of CNM AVideo (YouPHPTube; currently, located at
  8. One instance of CNM HumHub (HumHub; shall be located at

Lab Farm

Main wikipage: CNM Lab Farm
The CNM Lab Farm is used for learning and testing. It shall support all the applications installed at the EndUser Farm and, in addition, one Humhub instance.

Support servers

Database server

No database server is currently deployed.

File server

No file server is currently deployed. CNM Lab utilizes Bitbucket to satisfy its file storage needs.

Mail server

Several CNM apps currently deploy Sendmail as their mail servers.

Web server

All web servers of CNM Cloud are currently built on Apache HTTP Servers.


The development of the Platform can be divided in two parts -- the historical endeavors and further projects.

Historical endeavors

Main wikipage: CNM Cloud Project
Historically, the WorldOpp Fellow Staff has undertaken the endeavors to develop the Platform under the CNM Cloud Project and, as of July of 2019, Romanof has completed the overwhelming majority of that work.

Further projects

Main wikipage: CNM Servers (development)
Further projects are drafted at the CNM Servers (development) wikipage. CNM Servers (development) is the promising cloud service model of CNM Cloud that shall offer services of its ecosystem of servers and cloud OS, which is OpenStack. This infrastructure enables operations of CNM apps.

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