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CNM Cyber Workforce (previously known as WorldOpp Team; hereinafter, the Team) is a non-government non-political non-religious group of legal entities that design and/or develop CNMCyber and CNM Cloud.

The Team is divided in two departments, which are (a) Community Board and (b) Fellow Staff, as well as WorldOpp candidates in WorldOpp incubators, Careerprise contractors and Careerprise partners.

Community Board

Main wikipage: CNM Cyber Community Board
The CNM Cyber Community Board includes CNM Cyber industry councils and CNM Cyber professional committees.
One of CNM Cyber industry councils is CNM Cyber Community Board, which is a group of directors, whose goals are:
  1. To enhance CNM's services generally; and
  2. To oversee WorldOpp Fellow Staff.

Fellow Staff

Main wikipage: WorldOpp Fellow Staff
The WorldOpp Fellow Staff is the Friend's department that consists of WorldOpp fellows. This department supports CNM Cloud, sponsors WorldOpp incubators, and is overseen by the CNM Cyber Community Board.


Main wikipage: WorldOpp incubator
WorldOpp incubator discovers, analyzes, designs, and implements new services related to education, workforce development, recruitment, and administration of information technology.


Main wikipage: Careerprise contractor


Main wikipage: Careerprise partner

2019 Preview presentation

CNM Cyber Workforce session Preview.

This is a preview to welcome you to Team session. In this session we will take a look at WorldOpp Team Essentials, what CNM Cyber Workforce is, WorldOpp Fellow staff, we will go over different roles within the staff, we will take a look at WorldOpp incubator which is the place for the candidates for employment within the Friends Of CNM and then we will take a look at business opportunities and CNMCyber events.

Eventualy we will be ready to be graduated from EmployableU Foundation and move to placement seminar.

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