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Any CNM Cyber Project Coordinator (hereinafter, the Coordinator) is (a) a member of the CNM Cyber Team who administratively supports CNM Digital Transformation projects and (b) a volunteer serving for the CNM Cyber Taskforce.

At the Occupational Information Network, the closest occupation is Information Technology Project Manager. A WorldOpp fellow is a corresponding position within the WorldOpp Fellow Staff.

Areas of operations


The Team needs help with two types of documentation:
  1. Organizational documentation for the CNM Cyber Team. This type shall include:
  2. Technical documentation for:
All the types of documentation shall be maintained at the CNM Wiki, so any Team's stakeholder, and a volunteer especially, be able to find needed information.

Meeting organizing

The Team needs help with organizing of two types of meetings:
  1. Meetings of the CNM Technology Board, which can be either open or close to the general public.
  2. Hiring events for the CNM Cyber Taskforce.
Those meetings that are open to the general public can be organized using partner meetup groups such as CNM Cyber Meetup.

Owning the role

The Team needs help with further development of the Coordinator's role. This includes both:
  1. Creating and editing general instructions, policies, and/or recommendations for the Coordinators.
  2. Contributing to and grooming of the backlog of the Coordinator's tasks.

Partnership building

The Team needs help with sourcing, selecting, and onboarding partners. Historically, the team partnered with two Microsoft stores, in Pentagon City Mall and Tysons Corner Center, several employers, training providers, governmental, and non-profit organizations.

Personnel managing

The Team needs help with volunteer time tracking, as well as helping volunteers to develop their personal plans.

Project support

The Team needs help with supporting its projects such as CNM Registration Project.

Public relations administering

The Team needs help with drafting newsletters to patrons of CNM similar to Friends Of CNM newsletters.


The Team needs help with user experience testing of its materials and services. The results of this testing shall be well-documented using:
  • Discussion pages when CNM Wiki are tested.
  • Emails when anything but CNM Wiki is tested.

Training facilitating

The Team needs help with facilitating of three types of training:
  1. Onboarding training for new volunteers.
  2. Technology hand-on-training for CNM patrons who would like to explore CNM Cyber.
  3. Mentor-protégé program for some Team recruits.

Volunteer recruiting

The Team needs help with sourcing and onboarding of new volunteers.


Sourcing of potential candidates is an ongoing endeavor, which cannot be limited to the following channels and tools.


The potential candidates may be sourced through various channels such as:
  1. CNM Page.
  2. CNM meetings organized in Vienna, VA on Tuesday evenings.
  3. Partner meetup groups such as CNM Cyber Meetup and other partners.
  4. Newsletters to patrons of CNM similar to Friends Of CNM newsletters.
  5. Personal networks of the Coordinators.


Handouts with the following text are periodically distributed at CNM meetings on Tuesday evenings:

Discover your career, build your credentials, and land your job in the IT field with CNM Cyber

What: The CNM Cyber Services team seeks its Cyber Project Coordinator.

What help is sought: An incumbent will coordinate various aspects of the project as required including meetings, announcements, introducing new team members, and documentation of CNM Technology Board Decisions.

Where and when: The bulk of the job can be done remotely, so this position can be virtual. The schedule can be flexible too. The time commitments start from 2 hours a week.

Who should consider:

Anyone who is motivated to learn Information Technology in order to obtain real IT skills and experience that can be put on the resume and used as a leverage for a new position in the information technology field.

This might be someone thinking of transitioning to IT or increasing their IT skills/knowledge that have been working in IT or someone interested in working in the roles that interface the business with IT such as a business analyst, project manager, product owner, etc.

No prior tech training is required in order to get started; vice versa, this opportunity could be considered as hands-on training. We need people with any type of skill set, but being motivated to learn new, open systems technology, is what we need the most. We can provide technical direction to anyone that is motivated.

How to join: If you are interested (or know of someone who may be interested or looking for a way to become more involved), please consider one or both options:

  1. Physically, the team organizes recruiting events usually in Vienna, VA on Tuesday evenings. You are welcome to check the tentative schedule at in order to RSVP.
  2. Virtual meetings may be scheduled upon your request -- please email your inquiry to Michael Confoy or Gary "Igor" Ihar at

About CNM Cyber Services: This team of the Career Network Ministry (CNM) intends to provide CNM with a bundle of online and onsite services collectively called CNM Cyber, which may include websites and video sharing resources, as well as customer relationship, project, learning, and enterprise management systems.


The promising Coordinators shall take three or four steps in order to onboard:
  1. Get graduated from the CNM Cyber Orientation.
  2. If they are not familiar with project administration, get graduated from the CNM DT Placement.
  3. If they are familiar with project administration or when they are, perform activities described in the Areas of operations.
  4. Recruit another Coordinator in order to get graduated from the onboarding.


Main wikipage: CNM Cyber Orientation
The CNM Cyber Orientation is designed to introduce promising Coordinators to the Career Network Ministry, the Team, CNM Cyber, and CNM Cloud.


Main wikipage: CNM DT Placement
The CNM DT Placement that shall cover product ownership and project management.



Further ideas to consider

  • Orientation shall included one on one meeting with the project leads
  • One online welcome meeting and with Senior Coordinator
  • Participation at/in one of the bi weekly digital meeting via webcast and/or any other virtual meeting platform

A WorldOpp fellow is an apprentice who is both:

  1. Employed by Educaship Alliance LLC particularly in order to design, develop, and deliver CNM Cyber; and
  2. Matriculated into either WorldOpp Bootcamp or post-bootcamp programs such as accounting, entrepreneurship, information technology, and project management of Bracka School.

The CITPMA cirriculum is designed to prepare certified informational technology project management associates (CITPMAs). The curriculum consists of six modules: (1) CNM English Essentials, (2) WorldOpp Bootcamp, (3) CNM Tech Essentials, (4) CNM Data Essentials, and (5) CNM DevOps Essentials.


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