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The CNM Cyber Orientation (alternatively stylized as cnmcyber orientation, or, simply, the orientation; hereinafter, the Orientation) is the course that is designed to onboard potential users to CNM Cyber. Graduation from the Orientation grants the Certified CNM Cyber User (CCNMCU) certification.

The CNM Cyber Welcome Session is the Orientation's prerequisite. The Orientation serves as the prerequisite to the CNM Cyber Placement for aspiring members of both CNM Cyber Team and WorldOpp Fellow Staff.

As a course, the Orientation is published at CNM Cert. The Orientation is a final part of WorldOpp Sourcing and the second stage of the WorldOpp Pipeline.


The Orientation follows the Welcome Session and is made up of several mandatory learning activities, which can be chunked in two modules:
  1. Career-Overview Sessions, which consist of four sessions that cover employment, recruitment, career administration, and education respectively, and
  2. CNM Cyber Sessions, which consist of four sessions, one of which introduces to CNM Cyber and the rest three cover its three suites.
The Orientation contains no exams, but those graduates who would like to join the CNM Cyber Team are required to pass the CNMCP Admission Test, which opens the CNM Cyber Placement.

Lessons' outline

Modules # Sessions Lessons
Career-Overview Sessions 1 Introduction to Employment Employment Essentials, Industries and Specialties, Nature of Occupations, Nature of Work, Labor Regulations
2 Introduction to Recruitment Recruitment Essentials, Sourcing Essentials, Sought Competences, Applicant Selections, Recruiters' Essentials
3 Introduction to Careers Career Essentials, Employability Essentials, Career Endeavors, Employment Credentials, Job Market Essentials, Workforce Services
4 Introduction to Education Education Essentials, Educational Methods, Learning Management, Certifications of Study
CNM Cyber Sessions 5 Introduction to CNM Cyber CNM Cyber Essentials, WorldOpp Essentials, Cyber Security Essentials
6 Introduction to CNM Cloud CNM Cloud Essentials, Soft behind CNM Cloud, CNM Farm Essentials, Middleware Essentials, CNM App Essentials, Cloud on the Web
7 CNM Cyber for Competence Competency Suite Essentials, CNM Tube Essentials, CNM Wiki Essentials, CNM Cert Essentials
8 CNM Cyber for Action Action Suite Essentials, CNM Social Essentials
9 CNMC for Experience Work Suite Essentials, CNM Lab Essentials, Cloud Next Essentials, Digital Transformations, CNMC Workforce Essentials

Forum for graduates

The Next Steps Forum is optional; that means one can graduate without it. That activity is more like a bonus -- those who achieved a particular score can ask direct questions about next steps. This is the only part of the Orientation, which materials haven't been developed at CNM Wiki prior to moving to CNM Cert.


Goals of the Orientation are:

  1. To provide the participants with overview to CNM Cyber and its services; and
  2. If the participants are interested in volunteer or employment opportunities, to guide the Aspirants in their further steps.

Educational objectives

For every participant, educational objectives are providing introductory knowledge about CNM Cyber and its services. At the end of the Orientation, those participants who have decided to use those services, shall be able to use them and navigate through them.

Sought outcomes

The major outcomes that this Orientation seeks to find are to:
  1. Gain commitment of the Aspirants;
  2. Reduce anxiety of the Aspirants;
  3. Help the Aspirants understand CNM Cyber and its services.


Main wikipage: WorldOpp Sourcing

Separate announcements may be created in order to target those promising Certified CNM Cyber Users who speak languages other than English.

Target ad

The following announcement shall eventually be distributed in order to target promising Certified CNM Cyber Users:

Are you on the job market? Are you going to be? Would you like to be? If so, do you need a powerful and reliable partner? The Friends Of CNM brings its career-enhancement platform, CNM Cyber, to you. This platform features dozens of tools such as learning management and project management systems that can empower your job search, hands-on training, networking, and much more. You can use a special Welcome Course in order to unlock those services at no cost to you. When you create an account at, you will be assigned a student alias and able to enroll in that course. The course is located at and available 24/7.

Current ad

The following announcement shall be currently distributed in order to target promising Certified CNM Cyber Users:

Launch or enhance your IT career today! Apprentices are urgently needed! Neither education nor experience is required to start! Create an account (a.k.a. "register") at, click on CNM Cert, enter your login and password, and enroll yourself (a.k.a. "Self-enrollment") into the "Welcome Course." Your login name is not significant; the system will assign you a student alias. Your email is not necessary -- you can leave it blank. Alternatively, you can access this course at -- log in and click Site home. Training and other promising employer's services are free of charge.


The complete curriculum, including exam questions, is published at Category: Orientation Curriculum.


All the examinations are posted at CNM Cert. They include:
  1. Practice quizzes for every presentation;
  2. Final examination, which consists of 20 true/false questions, has a limit of 10 minutes, and can be taken unlimited number of times.


All glossary terms may be viewed at Category: WorldOpp Orientation.

2019 Orientation presentation

The video preview presentation, 4:44 minutes, is published at Here is its full text:

This is a preview to WorldOpp Orientation. This Orientation's materials have been published at CNM Wiki.

To access it, launch any web browser. In its address bar, which some also call the URL field, type wiki, dot, k, s, a, certs, once again, it is double-u, ai, kay, ai, dot, kay, ess, a, cee, ee, ar, tee, ess, dot-com. Your request should bring you to the landing page of CNM Wiki. Scroll down a little bit to Collection of learning materials and click on WorldOpp Orientation. This action should bring you to the front page of the course materials.

WorldOpp Orientation is the introduction to Friends Of CNM and its services. The Orientation is designed for aspiring candidates to learn and work using Friends Of CNM resources.

The Orientation consists of eight sessions. In its curriculum outline, we may see that the first session is Introduction to Employment. According to the outline, this session contains three presentations, which are CNMC Workforce Essentials, CNM Social Communities, and CNM Cyber Essentials. Let's click on the session's title and check. Well, we can see CNMC Workforce Essentials, CNM Social Communities, and CNM Cyber Essentials -- here we go.

Let's go back to the course front page. If the Orientation is taken on the CNM Cert, every presentation is followed by a quiz. Nothing is mandatory; however, only those participants who pass the Orientation's quizzes should be able to advance to the next stage.

Indeed, CNM Cyber Orientation itself is the first stage of WorldOpp Pipeline. Let's open the available image. We can see that the pipeline, besides the Orientation, consists of placement seminar, WorldOpp Bootcamp, and WorldOpp Employment.

The Orientation is the place where you can learn what WorldOpp is, what the Friends Of CNM is, what technology will be used, what expectations you can have from Friends Of CNM and what expectations Friends Of CNM will have from you.

Based on your exam success you can be enrolled into the placement seminar, which is a more hands-on activity in comparison with the Orientation. The seminar is the place where you will learn how to use the wiki, how to use other development apps, and, based on this seminar, you will be enrolled into the boot camp. You can also be placed in a WorldOpp incubator. This is why the seminar is called the placement seminar.

In the case that you get to the incubator, you can get a monthly stipend while you are learning. This which will allow you to cater for some of your expenses while learning. You will decide how to use the money. Friends Of CNM will never ask you how you spend your stipend. And, of course, no one will ever seriously ask you to return the money.

WorldOpp Bootcamp is actually a pre-employment training. It may take about five or six weeks to finish it; though, this is just an estimate. Based on the boot camp, you can be promoted to WorldOpp Employment, which is the combination of on-the-job training, education, and the job itself.

You are welcome to explore other pages and videos in order to find more information about the orientation and review its materials. When you decide to get enrolled, you are invited to go to careerprise -- once again, it is see, a, ar, double ee, ar, pee, ar, ai, ess, ee, dot com and click on "Register".

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