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The CNM Agile Essentials (hereinafter, the Session) is a hands-on session designed to get its participants started with WorldOpp incubator. The Session is the last of ten sessions of CNM Cyber Placement (hereinafter, the Seminar).

Position Description, Accessibility Requirements, Desired Skills, Educational Credentials, Required Abilities, Nature of Work, Responsibilities, Available Assets, Billing, Billable Items, Work authorization, Specifying Pay rates; Challenges while on job, Importance of Communication, Lacking full requirements, Progressing as you go, Updating your skills,Missing the right resources, Keeping up with the tasks, Managing expectations, engaging with the community, Being lost


How to join an WorldOpp incubator

The CNM Cyber Placement is open source and all learners can edit and modify content contained therein. New candidates start with the CNM Cyber Orientation and continue to the CNM Cyber Placement. Careerprse orintation introduces the new learners to what CNM does. There is an examination at the end of the orientation but it is not manadatory for the learners to take. Candidates who finish their orientation and pass the exam are then allowed to choose their fellowship path,. They can join the WorldOpp incubator to assist in the development of the CNM Wiki page or join Careerprise Partner to follow the path for vendors of Careerprise services.

The WorldOpp incubator is a virtual and/or physical environment that takes care of protection and growth of aspiring entrepreneurs. Graduates from the WorldOpp incubator become WorldOpp Fellows

The recruitment process

  1. Outreach - the process starts with activities such as events, mailing lists, social media and contractors to attract potential candidates to enroll to the program
  2. Enrollment through the CNM Webpages -Potential candidates are requested to fill a few details n the CNM webpage to register to the program. Applicants start with WorldOpp Orientation
  3. WorldOpp Orientation introduces the students to the program, manages expectations and charts the way forward. At the end of the orientation, candidates are free to choose whether to join the WorldOpp program if it fits into their needs.
  4. Placement - Successful candidates who chose WorldOpp are then place in the CNM Cyber Placement where they receive further training.
  5. Joining the WorldOpp incubator - Successful candidates from the Placement seminar join an WorldOpp incubator ad are eligible from WorldOpp Stipends and handouts.

What to expect while in an WorldOpp incubator

Each WorldOpp incubator team comprises of 7 candidates at different levels in their learning process.

  • The first level comprises of four (4) WorldOpp Fellow Candidates who are graduates from CNM Cyber Placement. The main role for these candidates is Development of the CNM Wiki content related to the curricula.Friends of CNM encourages the candidates in this level to modify and improve the content on the wiki. Learners should also make use of the Talk sections in the [[CNM wiki to discus ideas and further development in the curriculum as well as ask questions on issues on concepts they do not understand. Candidates who pass this level successfully are promoted to the next level
  • Lead Candidate - This is the second level in the incubator and consists of three [3] graduates from the gradates in the previous level. The main task in this level is editing the content of the CNM Wiki to ensure accuracy of the information contained therein.
  • Executive candidate - This level consists of only one (1) candidate who is tasked with managing the incubator. other roles would include, project management for CNM Wiki special projects, reporting and process ownership.

No successor session is available in the Seminar. Since WorldOpp Bootcamp is the successor course, Idea Generation Quarter can be considered the successor lecture.

The [[]] (hereinafter, the Lesson) is the lesson of CNM Cyber that describes the CNM Cyber Placement. The Lesson belongs to the CNM Cyber Placement.

The Lesson is made up of five lectios. At CNM Cyber, the word, lectio, is used for a lesson part.



The predecessor lesson is Project Work Essentials.


Industries and Specialties
Lectios # Referred topics
What Economy Is 1
Economy Segments 2
What Industry Is 3
Groupings of Employers 4
Professional Specialties 5


The successor lesson is Wiki Editing Essentials.

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