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Bracka Leadership Academy (hereinafter, the Academy) is the department of Bracka School (hereinafter, the School) that designs and develops courses and learning activities in enterprise administration. Septem Artes Administrativi is its signature course.

The Academy strives to be a unique space of study and training in leadership especially through economic fellowship. The School's goal is also create a society of distinguished scholars, artists, and scientists that aims to promote and maintain standards in leadership in order to promote the Academy.

Distinctive features

  1. Students of any age may take part.
  2. The schedule of studies is flexible. This means that the learners can choose the speed to move through the curriculum.
  3. Scholarships are available for a certain part of the students through the WorldOpp Fellowship project.


Main wikipage: Septem Artes Administrativi

Septem Artes Administrativi is the curriculum. It includes 28 lectures; 4 lectures for each of the 7 areas that are critical for leadership.


The learners can be awarded a scholarship in the equivalent of about $70 per month:

  • The scholarship can be appointed for a period of up to 2 weeks based on the financial situation of the learners or their guardians. The reason for granting the scholarship in the first two weeks is confidential and is not publicly explained.
  • The scholarship is awarded to the best students on the basis of their academic performance. A detailed explanation of the reason for granting the scholarship after the first two weeks is published on the official website.

Practical learning

The training practice can be conducted in three stages, two weeks each, and is based on the topics of the Seven Artes Administrativi:

  1. The first stage is carried out at a startup business.
  2. Another stage is conducted at a small or medium business.
  3. The last stage is held at one of the leaders of the information technology industry, such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, and so on.

If the learners:

  • Speak English, depending on the availability of partners, the choice of trainees or their guardians, any part of the practice can be conducted either remotely or with departure, usually to the UK, Canada or the USA. Since trips require financial and organizational expenses, they can be carried out only on a fee basis and with a partner in the host country of the trainee. Remote practices are conducted at no cost.
  • Do not speak English, the practice is carried out either remotely or in cooperation with a partner on the spot.

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