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The assignment activity allows students to submit work to their teacher for grading and feedback.

Assignment Submission types

  • Assignments can be in form of uploaded text files, text written directly on Atto editor (Moodle text editor enabled in CNM Cert) or even images, link and video files.
  • Teacher can set a Word limit to text files and size limit for any other specified types of files , which will display a warning if students exceed it.
  • Student submissions are together on one screen of your course. Also, assignments may be for one individual or group . Teacher can require them to submit one or several files and/or to type text essays. Teacher may also choose whether or not to see the identities of those who have submitted assignments.
  • Assignments can have deadlines and cut off dates - which you can also extend if necessary.

Adding an Assignment

  • In the course (where you want the assignment), turn on editing and choose 'Assignment' from the activity chooser.

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If you want to edit an existing assignment, click the Edit link to its right and choose the action you wish to take, e.g. 'Edit settings'.

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Assignment Settings

  1. Now, you can give your assignment a name and, in the description explain what the students must submit. You can upload a help or example document from the Additional files area.
  2. Expand the other settings to select, for example:

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  • Availability times such as due date, cut off date (after this date, students will not be able to submit and the submit button will disappear).
  • Submission types such as online text in Atto editor other files including text files, media files etc.
  • Feedback types such as Feedback comments, Annotations on files (if settings are enabled), offline grading worksheets where teachers if grading online can download the sheets, edit and upload again with changes made. Other ways include uploading feedback files and comment inline where you can annotate directly on files.

Submission Settings

Here we specify, how we want students to submit their assignments . Options may :

  • Require students to click button. If this is set to 'No' students can make changes to their submission at any time and if set to 'Yes', students can upload draft versions of the assignment until such time as they are ready to submit.
  • Require that students accept the Submission statement (if settings are enabled by admin).
  • Attempts reopened and specifying Maximum attempts.
  • Group submission settings where students can collaborate for an assignment.

Grade Settings

  • Assignments may be graded with simple Grade points or Scales which may be customized. If you change the Grading method to Advanced grading, you can then use a Marking guide or Rubric.
  • Anonymous marking feature is also available which prevents assessors from seeing students' names on submissions.
  • Other features include Use marking Overflow and Use Marking allocation where teachers colleagues can be selected to grade or review the submitted work of specific students.